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American Printer Service, Inc. - Preventive Maintenance
         Has it been FOREVER since your printers were given a good cleaning? Starting to see some streaking, ghosting, or other print quality issues with your units? You'd be surprised by the amount of people who religiously change the oil on their cars but go 2 or 3 years without showing their printers a little love. Much like an oil change, regular Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a great way to insure that you're getting the longest life from your printers. If it has been a while since your printers were looked over and cleaned, please contact us with the makes and models and we'll get back to you about scheduling an onsite PM.

What Is Preventive Maintenance And Why Do I Need It?
         Preventive Maintenance is the routine cleaning and checking of critical components of your printer. Whether it be a laser printer, inkjet printer, dot matrix printer, or thermal printer, regular Preventive Maintenance should be performed at specified intervals, which we recommend be either quarterly or a minimum of two times per year. Preventive Maintenance can often head off catastrophic failure of printers before they happen and leave your business without a critical printer.

         Signs that your printer needs a PM can be gradual degradation in print quality, excessive noise such as grinding or whining, and repeated paper jams. If you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms, and your printer has been wasting away in the corner of the office for years and years without any attention, it is time to give American Printer Service, Inc. a call!

          Perhaps the easiest way to think of Preventive Maintenance is like a oil change for your car. I don't know about you but when I was growing up, it was engrained into me that oil changes were not an option but a necessity. To this day, I frequent my local dealership to get the oil changed in my vehicle like clockwork. Your printers, like your car, have mechanisms that will wear out over time, a process that may be greatly accelerated by the build up of debris, toner dust, and paper shavings on the gears that make your printer run.

         If you're beginning to notice a degradation in print quality, chances are your printer may need a little bit of TLC from an American Printer Service, Inc. Technician. During the course of a PM a Technician will give your printer a thorough cleaning. He will note any parts that are believed to be in danger of failing and advise you on a suggested replacement window. It is your choice to either replace the parts or wait until they actually fail before having them replaced.

         PM's typically take under an hour per unit, depending on the build up of debris in the printer itself. Some printers, such as high speed line printers require a more thorough PM because some components are more complex. American Printer Service, Inc. charges the minimum rate (1 hour) per unit (1-5 units) for single printers with a sliding scale from that point depending on the number of printers to be PM'd at one location. During PM's, if parts are necessary to bring the unit to good working condition, you will be advised of those costs before incurred.

         Regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance is included with all Maintenance Agreements given by American Printer Service, Inc. The combination of a Maintenance Agreement and regular PM's is the best approach to keeping a fleet of printers in good working condition at all times. This insures that not only are your printers covered by our fastest response time in the event of a failure but also, we are onsite every quarter to make sure your printers are clean and operating at peak efficiency.

         The fact is, many of the catastrophic failures of units we encounter may have been prevented by regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance. Why take the chance on having to replace an expensive piece of printing equipment due to the simple mistake of not having it maintained? PM's are quick, easy, and affordable, especially when compared to the overall costs involved in replacing a printer. If you would like to schedule an American Printer Service, Inc. Technician to PM your printer, please contact us with the makes and models of the printers and we'll get the ball rolling!
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